A fresh approach to grocery retail with a twist. The core values of Hereford Food are based around traditional grocery services.

Ashby and Lowe is the registered name of the business. In honour of Mary "Betty" Ashby and Doreen "Lucy" Lowe. Two amazing women ahead of their time. Despite living a mile apart for most of their lives, they possibly never met. Yet they shared the same passion for family, food and sustainability.
a little of what we do
Hereford Food as the trading name is in honour of the community where we live. Building a community of like minded customers, producers and staff around food and drink with provenance. We are long term orientated and obsessed with the quality of service and environment for everyone involved. We don't want to be the biggest online retailer, we want to be the best. A bold statement for a micro company with little resources. We would rather though an "oops" than a "what if".

Sharing the success with the wider community. We share the passion of the trustees behind The Living Room Commercial Street Hereford, facilitating donations whenever possible. Once more this is a long term commitment, one through which we hope to be of financial benefit not just unsold produce.

Whilst we cannot compete with the volume and buying power of the supermarket chains, we can supply wholesome and nutritional products accompanied by a friendly service and a genuine desire to meet the needs of everyone involved in the process.

Unlike some of our competitors our words are few - we will leave the quality of our service and products to speak on our behalf.

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